Our Detailed Process

Examining all areas of your financial plan

Our initial meeting serves to begin our relationship, collect information and build our understanding of your financial goals, concerns, and needs. We will dive deep into your finances to begin building out your proposal.

The development and presentation of your plan proposal will show how and where we can add value. This includes an in-depth assessment of your current investment strategy, as well as an analysis of your current risk level, sustainability, and fees. We will also address any areas of concern and discuss potential recommendations.

We will begin implementation our recommendations to your overall financial plan. We seek to combine short-term and long-term strategies to maximize immediate and continuous value.

We will periodically review your investment strategy and overall plan to track your progress. We will determine if changes are to be made to continue on the path toward your goals.

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Please feel free to contact us for additional information on how we can add value to your financial picture.